Are Neck Gaiters Effective?

Summary: There have been a lot of questions around the effectiveness of neck gaiters since the viral article came out this past summer. We take an in-depth look at our neck gaiters and what their true effectiveness is.

Are neck gaiters a safe way to protect yourself from Covid-19?


I’d like to say - especially as we learn new things everyday about this virus, what is and what isn’t effective is ever changing and super relative. With that being said, as it stacks up to your traditional fabric mask, our neck gaiters are made a thick and soft polyester that provide the same protection and in some cases better protection than other traditional masks.


What was the damning article about?

There was a viral article released earlier this summer that stated “wearing a gaiter mask might actually be worse than not wearing a mask at all.”

This MIT article explains the situation well.

  1. They didn’t test the effectiveness of gaiters. This test was not measuring the effectiveness of mask types. This was a hot-take by a journalist derived from one scientists study on the effectiveness of at home tests for masks. He was studying the testing of masks, not the effectiveness of masks.

  2. Only one gaiter was tested. All gaiters vary in size, weight and fit - so one test for one neck gaiter doesn’t give proper info on the effectiveness of the whole category of gaiters. It’s like saying t-shirts are not soft because you tested one 1 Gildan 5000.

  3. The scientist held a press conference to clairfy. You can check out that video here. (Start at 7:00)

What’s the safe way to wear a gaiter?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have a lot of helpful content on their website that they are consistently updating based on new information. Be sure to check in there regularly to see what the latest info is. Below are some easy info-graphics about choosing a mask.


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