Team Sports Are Back! Tips for boosting your team sales.
Introduction: Nick here coming to you live from the Clubhouse. Over the next few months, I’m going to be providing some tips on how to boost your shop’s sublimated apparel sales, as well as bringing on some of our top customers to hear some of their success stories. In this post, we’re talking about team sports apparel options and giving action items to get started.

After what’s seemed like a lifetime, sports are finally set to be back in action across the country in the next few months. It’s exciting, it’s scary, it’s controversial -- but, they’re BACK!

Is your shop ready for the rush? Teams have been holding off on purchasing new uniforms for the past year due to the uncertainty of their season happening. Depending on where you live, team sports seasons may still be uncertain. The fact of the matter is that your shop needs to be ready to handle the demand.

Team Apparel Options

What are your options? A customer comes to you looking to purchase uniforms for their team. If you only offer screen printed or embroidered jerseys, you’re limiting your shop’s revenue potential. Don’t get me wrong, those types of uniforms might be exactly what an organization is looking for - and we’ll be coming out with our top picks for these items. BUT, if a team comes to you looking for completely customized jerseys, if you don’t have a reliable contact at a wholesale sublimation company, you’re going to be limiting what your customer has to choose from.

There are two questions I always ask when a team reaches out in regards to a team jersey order. 

  • First of all, “what’s your budget?” Sublimated garments will typically be a bit more expensive than other options, but it’s worth it! See "What is a Sublimated Jersey?"

  • Second, what’s your in-hand date? You need to make sure you’re able to fulfill their order in time. Sublimation takes longer to manufacture than printing on blanks, usually because it’s done internationally as opposed to domestically.

If you check off both those boxes, you’re in business! 

Action Item:

Find a reliable wholesale sublimation company that gives you the tools you need to sell awesome jerseys.


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