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Turnaround Time: Our standard turn around time for production is 3 weeks from the date that the order and design is confirmed. Shipping can take 3-5 business days. If you have a specific in hands date that you would like to guarantee your order is in for, please contact our customer service. 

Printing and Colors: Every approved wholesale account will receive a color code library with color swatches. If you want to ensure the colors print exactly as you hope - please reference the color codes in your order.

Payment Terms: Contact your sales representative to talk about possible payment terms for your account. 

Artwork: All artwork must be submitted in vector format. For artwork services, our team will charge $50 per order.

Team Order Forms: All orders must be submitted with an accompanying Team Order Form. This will pass directly to our production team to ensure no data is tampered with along the way.

Refunds: Refunds are only given for faulty products or delayed deliveries. 

Shipping: Shipping will always be at least 3-5 days since your order will be coming directly from one of our overseas production facilities.

US Customs can randomly hold packages for inspection before releasing them resulting in delays. If your order is delayed by US customs, we will not be liable for any delays. 

Online Stores: Clubhouse Athletic can offer online store on behalf of your business for your clients. We would charge a 15% surcharge on your cost of goods sold of the cost of store set-up, customer service and store hosting.

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